1230024_10151918098675309_715355572_n  I’m late with the blog this week, but I have a really good excuse.  I was in Manitou Springs, Colorado at my son’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding that took place at The Red Crag Inn’s Onaledge Bed and Breakfast   The wedding was just family and close friends and there will be a large reception next weekend at the Groendyke Lodge.      1375820_10151918100065309_550593317_n

Not only did I inherit a daughter-in-law, she brought with her with two grandchildren.  I wish the new family many years of happiness.

The night before the wedding a huge meal was cooked for us with steak and all the trimmings, including cheesecake for dessert.  The wine flowed freely and it gave us a chance to get to know everyone.

In the afternoon of the wedding, my daughter and I gathered wildflowers and made small arrangements for the balcony and the boutonnieres. After the wedding we had champagne and wedding cake and then dinner at the restaurant next door later in the evening.  20130922_093207

My suite at Onaledge Bed and Breakfast was fabulous.  You could see Pike’s Peak out the picture window from my living room and the shower was to die for! Legend has it that the inn is haunted but the ghosts left us alone. 20130922_093110

The next day after the wedding we took the kids to see the Garden of the Gods, did some souvenir shopping, and had another huge supper at Heart of Jerusalem authentic Mediterranean food in downtown Manitou.

We crammed a lot into our short four-day vacation, but had tons of fun.  It is about a nine hour drive from Enid to Manitou Springs and our daughter was kind enough to let us use her Honda Pilot.  There were five of us in the car with luggage and dress clothes so it was tight, but no blood was shed.  I’m tired and glad to be home, but loved the trip.

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Chad Chambers.  1238325_10151915154420309_175952540_n


About peggylchambers

Peggy Chambers calls Enid, Oklahoma home. She has been writing for several years and is an award winning, published author, always working on another. She spends her days, nights, and weekends making up stories. She attended Phillips University, the University of Central Oklahoma and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. There is always another story weaving itself around in her brain trying to come out. There aren’t enough hours in the day!
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  1. luciesmoker says:

    Her dress is so dreamy. And that inn looks so fun. What a perfect wedding. Except sorry you didn’t get to meet a ghost.


  2. I didn’t want to meet a ghost! My daughter did though.


  3. That is, indeed, a good reason to be late with the blog! Congrats to all – including the new grandmother!


  4. Thanks Shel, we had the reception in town this weekend so essentially the wedding lasted a week!


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