paper 1  If you read my blog on a weekly basis, you will notice a little change this week.  In an effort to re-invent myself, I am constantly looking for change, and it was time to change the website.   “Views from the Hammock” will include my writing, gardening, recipes and occasional musings about life.

I am a semi-retired worker writing multiple genres who loves life and underdog causes. Family comes first, but there is always plenty of room for friends and community if my help is needed – and sometimes even if it’s not.  I can be as hard to get rid of as an unidentifiable rash.

I sent my western short story to Bret Cogburn’s newest contest and wait with baited breath for his call begging to use my work (ahem).

And then I went on to another idea.  This one was brand new.  It all started because we went to the new Enid recycling center (once we found it) and lost some paper along the way.  My ever vigilant husband turned around, pulled the truck to the side of the road and chased the paper up and down the ditch.

“I wouldn’t have worried about it so much,” he said, “but your name was on some of it.” I’m frugal, I’ll admit it.  I reuse paper in my writing.  I load the printer with used paper (big red X’s on the back) and then begin the edit process.  Why is it easier to see your mistakes when they are on paper than it is when they are on the computer screen?

Anyway, the kernel of a story started to grow in my imagination – what if someone found a manuscript in a landfill?  You know some Pulitzer Prize winning piece that was just thrown out?  Not like what blew out of the back of our truck, but some real knock-you-down great stuff?  What would they do with it?  What would you do with it?  Well, I decided to write a story about it.

So begins another trip down the road less traveled.  Will it make all the difference?


About peggylchambers

Peggy Chambers calls Enid, Oklahoma home. She has been writing for several years and is an award winning, published author, always working on another. She spends her days, nights, and weekends making up stories. She attended Phillips University, the University of Central Oklahoma and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. There is always another story weaving itself around in her brain trying to come out. There aren’t enough hours in the day!
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  1. Maria M says:

    Its an interesting idea about finding a manuscript in a landfill, love to read the finished product. I’m called tight (scrooge) in this household as I do the same with printed pages.


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