Stone of Thor – comic

Stone of Thor is my first comic script.  It is written, with the help of Jeff Provine, of Okie Comics,  and R. A. Jones, based on the characters from my Glome’s Valley books.  Mike Kennedy illustrated the comic beautifully. I’m very excited to try my hand at another type of writing and will try to do more.

Ethan has lost his Stone of Thor given to him by Glome the Viking ghost, for protection against Loki.  He last saw it when he play-battled the trolls at the Heavener Runestone Park.  But he hasn’t lost it.  Loki, stepbrother to Thor, has stolen it and will not give it back.  Ethan must call on help from Trondelag the dragon to help him get it back before Loki throws it deep into the forest of the Ouachita Mountains.

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