The Warp and Weft of Things

    Anthology from the Enid Writers Club

In weaving the weft is the term for the thread or yarn which is drawn through the warp yarns to create cloth. Warp is the lengthwise or longitudinal thread in a roll, while weft is the transverse thread. A single thread of the weft, crossing the warp, is called a pick.

So it was that these pieces were picked from a multitude of writings the members had on their computers or in drawers secreted away for just such an event.

These stories, poems, and memoirs from the members of the Enid Writers Club weave a very intricate cloth or rug, if you will.  A magic carpet that will transport you to places you’ve only dreamed about. Sit back and enjoy a little bit of the talent behind the pen of these writers as they weave a story you will not soon forget.