Stones of Sandhill Island

    There’s a new jazz singer on Sandhill Island.  Billie Stone, named for the jazz singer Billie Holiday, has her own set of pipes.  She grew up on Sandhill Island and has come back home to heal her psyche after a tragic accident took her family. Billie’s mother falls ill and now she has a new role as caregiver.  Once again, her mental health takes a back seat.

Joe Franks, drunk and on the wrong side of the road late one night, crashes into the minivan that came out of nowhere. But after a year in jail and penniless, he thinks he deserves another chance.  No one will hire a jail bird, and he’s not cut out for pizza delivery.

Just when Billie comes to the cusp of healing – and finding a new love – Frank’s rage spirals out of control. Have Billie’s losses made her strong enough to overcome once more, or will this final disaster be her undoing?

She would get her life back again if it killed her. 

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