2023: Cathy Thorp, Prose Colored Glasses Author

My guest this week is Cathy Thorp. She has been a member of the Enid Writers Club much longer than I have and welcomed me when I first came to the club. She is a member of our critique group and writing her first novel. She is a contributor to Prose Colored Glasses, Prose Colored Glasses: Writers Club, Enid: 9798849753515: Amazon.com: Books and I wanted to introduce you to her. You will love her entries in the book.

PC: What’s your writing schedule? Do you write every day?

: I don’t have a regular schedule for writing every day. I know I should take more structured time to write on my work in progress. I write in a couple of journals every day, one in the morning and another at night. Sometimes, I come up with ideas when I’m writing in them. I bought a book “Poem a Day” that has prompts for all kinds of poetic forms. I started it at the first of January and have kept up with it. When I start writing, the story, or poem emerges. It’s part of how my brain works. At times, I do well with writing prompts, but mostly I let the words flow, and see what happens. I have already been interrupted by one of my cats. I don’t know if they’re curious about my writing, or just want me to stop and pet them. She’s back and has jumped up on the windowsill to soak up some sun. She must be a solar powered cat.

PC: How did you come up with the plotline/idea for your current work in progress?

CT: The idea came from two sources. One, was from some short pieces I had written for the Enid Writers Club contest, and the critique group that met once a month, and it was loosely based on personal experience. It was about a troubled teenage girl who was inappropriately approached by her track coach. Carol felt trapped in this situation. There were some suspicious fires in the area, with a high probability that they were arson. Setting fires could be an outlet for someone who had a lot of suppressed rage from trauma and felt a loss of control.

PC: What comes first, plot or character, and why?

CT: The character comes first. I think it’s because I write on the fly, and I open most of my stories introducing the character first. This is my first attempt at writing fiction, and I find it challenging, but fun. I will try to come up with an outline for the plot, but it’s still something I’ll need to practice. I need to remember that I am in control of the story and can change the flow.

PC: What 3 words describes you, the writer?

 CT: Imaginative. Curious. Learning.

PC: If you could hang out with any literary character from any book penned at any timeline, who would it be, why, and what would you do together?

CT: Alice, fromAlice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. The story has always been one of my favorites through the years. I picked her because she could think on her feet, and not be intimidated by many of the fascinating characters in Wonderland. I would like to go on adventures with her through familiar landscapes and imagine fantastical persons, plants, and animals. Mushrooms would dance to a chorus of leaves from a mighty oak tree. It would be thrilling to follow the white rabbit down the hole, or to step through the looking glass to find an opposite world to explore. I could dream of being twelve years old again and see things through the eyes of a child. I think the Cheshire Cat would be my favorite character to meet, with nothing left but his sly grin. Alice would be a good friend and could help me build self-confidence in our adventures through the wondrous worlds we discover.

Thank you, Cathy for letting us get to know you.

Pick up a copy of Prose Colored Glasses and enjoy the authors. What are you reading/writing this week?


About peggylchambers

Peggy Chambers calls Enid, Oklahoma home. She has been writing for several years and is an award winning, published author, always working on another. She spends her days, nights, and weekends making up stories. She attended Phillips University, the University of Central Oklahoma and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. There is always another story weaving itself around in her brain trying to come out. There aren’t enough hours in the day!
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