2017 Something New: The Apocalypse Sucks

    I’ve been in a pulp fiction kind of mood lately.  I’ve been re-reading Legends of New Pulp Fiction published by Airship 27 and looking at all the great writing styles.  I can’t wait for the New King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island to come out this week.  I think I’ve seen all the Kong movies.

If you’re not a fan of pulp fiction you are really missing out.  I love fantasy (it’s the opposite of reality and who doesn’t need that now and then?), and Hollywood has really been scooping up super heroes for movies lately.  King Kong is only a small example.  Not that there is anything small about the movie originally released in 1933.  My grandfather saw that movie during the depression and was in awe all his life.  Not a man who frequented movie houses, he could not imagine how that monster was filmed.

Since I’ve been in the mood, I’ve been working on a new pulp fiction novel I hope will be finished this summer I’m calling “Flatiron Death Grip.” Again, it’s snarky.  I just can’t seem to leave the genre alone.

In my book The Apocalypse Sucks, I make fun of end-of-the world situations while studying human behavior. I based it around two women who were co-workers when the virus hit and killed most everyone around them.  They were not friends, but became family because they depended upon each other.  But the one thing they were to the end was girls.  They behaved like girls – if they weren’t fighting for survival – and still liked the things girls liked; boys, bras and lip gloss.  They were fierce warriors but with a soft side.

The book hosted a cast of characters trying to get by. They couldn’t run through the closest drive through for instant gratification.  They had a problem just finding enough to eat and then the bat creatures appeared.  Who were they and where did they come from? They soon found out that the virus did not kill all its victims.  Some mutated into something else – but they were still human – and not very happy about it. For them, the Apocalypse did suck.

Pick up a copy of The Apocalypse Sucks, with original art work by Andy Fish and Zachary Brunner,  and see if you agree. It is available on audio, paperback or e-published from Amazon.com. If you can’t make fun of the end of the world, what can you make fun of?

Let me know what you think.


About peggylchambers

Peggy Chambers calls Enid, Oklahoma home. She has been writing for several years and is an award winning, published author, always working on another. She spends her days, nights, and weekends making up stories. She attended Phillips University, the University of Central Oklahoma and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. There is always another story weaving itself around in her brain trying to come out. There aren’t enough hours in the day!
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