2018 Clearing your Life: L A Talk Radio, The Writers Block Interview

    Sitting out here on the prairie writing stories, I’ve made some friends in California.  Thursday March 15, 2018 at 7:00 PST (9:00 CST) I will be a guest on The Writers Block radio show.

LA Talk Radio the Writers Block http://www.latalkradio.com/content/writers-block interviews writers every week on their radio show and I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back.  To steal a phrase from their website; internet talk radio is the wave of the future.

Jim Christina, Bobbie Bell, Richard Paolinelli, and Gerry Christina in the office, welcome writers of all genres with open arms. It will be my second interview with them and they always make me feel welcome.  We’ll talk about my two new books, Stones of Sandhill Island and Return to Glome’s Valley.

Other than the fact that the hosts are genuine and kind, one of the best things about the interview is they have read my books!  And they can’t wait to talk about it.  I sent them copies to read in advance and they’ll have questions ready that I might not be prepared for.

Many years ago, when we were young, my husband was in radio.  But things have really changed! The internet has transformed everyone’s life with information at your fingertips twenty-four seven, but the old-style radio sitting at a microphone reading copy is no longer the way it is done.  I’ll sit in my writing-recliner surrounded by my books and try to sound intelligent while they make me feel at ease. I love talking with the hosts of The Writers Block.

Join us on Channel 2 http://www.latalkradio.com/Channel%202 Thursday at 7:00 PST (9:00 CST) with a cup of coffee and listen in.  The hour will be fun and informative, and you too will become a fan of LA Talk Radio the Writers Block. Come join the fun.

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2018 Clearing Your Life: Enid Author Fest!

   Yesterday was the second annual Enid Author Fest at the downtown library.  Over 40 authors were in attendance and there were panel discussions with the authors, readings by the children’s authors and even Doc, the reading dog, made an appearance.  (Doc can’t read, but he loves someone to read to him. He has his own story time at the library on Tuesdays at 4:00, come read to him!)  

It was a great opportunity to see people you only get a chance to talk with at festivals and conferences.  I had an opportunity to have lunch with my friend and Enid Writers Club member, Ann Ritchie.  She invited Sheldon Russell, author of the Bridge Troll Murders, and his wife Nancy.  Nancy is a sculptor and we talked about Viking Runestones. It is always fun to meet someone new.

Terri Sauer, children’s author of Wordy Birdy, presented a reading of her book along with the bird himself.  Many of the children’s authors read from their books and entertained the readers who attended.  

I was a participant on a panel with two other suspense authors, Dennis McDonald and Nancy Chastain and we talked about our writing process to a small group who was interested in how our stories came together.

I can’t wait to do this again next year and hopefully grow it until we need a new building.  By the way, I bought new books even as I try to cull out some old ones.  Sigh.

See you next year in March for the third Enid Author Fest!

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2018 Clearing Your Life: Enid Author Fest!

    Saturday, March 3, 2018 over forty of the state’s finest authors will converge at the Enid Public Library. The festival, in conjunction with the Public Library of Enid and Garfield County, Friends of the Library, and Enid Writers Club, will host the second annual Enid Author Fest!  Festivities begin at 1:00 at the downtown library 120 West Maine and end at 5:00. The public is invited to meet and discuss all things literary with the local authors.  Their books will be available for purchase at tables set up in the downstairs area.

Panel discussions will be upstairs in the Great Plains Room with the adult authors and readings of children’s and young adult books will take place in the Youth Services area on the first floor.  There will be raffles for door prizes and the event is free and open to the public.

Here is the list of when your favorite author speaks:

Panel Discussions

Great Plains Room, floor 2

Mystery Authors 1:15-2:00

F. L. Wylie

Mary Coley

Marion Moore Hill

Sheldon Russell

Fiction Authors 2:10-3:00

Nancy Chastain

Jennifer McMurrain

Peggy Chambers

Dennis McDonald

Non-fiction Authors 3:10-3:40

Ruth Ann Replogle

Toni Huffman

Susie Moore

Non-fiction Authors 3:50-4:40

Patricia Campbell

Charles Sasser

Ronald R. Switzer

Kent Frates


Youth Services Area, floor 1

Children’s Authors

1:10       Tammi Sauer

1:30       Gaye Sanders

1:40       Una Belle Townsend

1:50       Marcia K. Grogan

2:00       Sandy Tharp-Thee

Young Adult Authors

2:10       Susan A. Meyers

2:20       Veronica Fuxa

2:30       J. O. Young

2:40       Bill Eckel

2:50       C. M. Healy

Children’s Authors

3:00       Barbara Lowell

3:10        Mariana Llanos

3:20       Barbara Hay

3:30       Deanna Atkinson

3:40       Sandra Lawson

3:50       Paula L. Davidson

4:00       Ann Ritchie

Be sure to join us this coming Saturday and bring the kids.  Show your support for local authors and meet some like minded people at the second annual Enid Author Fest!  Books make great gifts and remember to leave a review if you enjoy the book.

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2018 Clearing Your Life: Of Dust and Books

I have white woodwork throughout my house and it looks clean and crisp – until it doesn’t.  I like the tons of natural light in my house and the openness of the floorplan, but dust settles where dust wants.  Today I’m cleaning woodwork.  First vacuuming, followed by scrubbing and eventually some of it MUST be repainted.  It is amazing how quickly dirt piles up on that tiny quarter inch of wood. No, I’m not taking a picture, you’ll have to imagine.

    But I also do other things in my life besides fight dirt and clutter.  I’m a writer and I am involved with all things writerly.  Next month on March 3rd the Enid Public Library, in conjunction with the Enid Writers Club, will present the second annual Enid Author Fest at the library https://enid.okpls.org/2018-author-fest/ .  On that Saturday afternoon, more than 40 Oklahoma (and surrounding states) authors will converge on the main floor of the Enid Public Library.  Upstairs there will be author panel discussions about books and the genres they write.  The children’s department will also have readings from YA and children’s books.  Books can be purchased from the authors downstairs at their tables and the public can browse, meet and converse with the authors or wander upstairs to listen.  I am truly looking forward to this annual occasion once again.  I met so many people last year and hope those same will return and bring friends.  I hope this festival eventually outgrows the library and is forced into moving across the street to the new Enid Convention Center in years to come.  I want it to become something the city and the authors can point to and say, “I helped create that!” And I want the public to enjoy it as much as I do.

I enjoy watching the arts showcase their wares and Enid has a very active artistic culture.  We have a new bookstore in town, A New Chapter Bookstore and Cafe just joined our city.  They are located at 232 W. Randolph at the corner of West Randolph and North Washington just a few blocks from the downtown square and the library.  We also have an annual Fly Film Festival in August that takes place over a long weekend.  Creative Arts of Enid continually puts on workshops for the public and there are many I am forgetting.

Come to Enid on March 3rd and checkout our beautiful library and the authors that will be there.  We can’t wait to meet you.

Now, back to my dusting and de-cluttering.

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2018 Clearing Your Life: Negatives and Positives

    Going through receipts and trying to get organized this week, I found there was no more room in the file cabinet.  Something had to go.  Over the 45-year marriage we’ve taken a lot of pictures and many of those in the first 35 years were film.  That meant we have a lot of negatives.  And we’ve kept them all. I pulled out several envelopes stuffed in the file cabinet with pictures and negatives – many of which were not needed.  Some from a time I took a photography class and others of the kids when they were young.  The stuff from the photography class had to go.  One more thing cleared out this week, I mean, who saves their negatives in a file cabinet? I felt I needed to report in about my progress. But, I had a better story to tell you than just my clearing out negatives this week. There were also positive in my life and those of others.

My children grew up in a house with animals.  We had cats, dogs, fish, birds and my husband had a small cow-calf operation.  We even had a horse for a while.  They learned to love animals and it became evident this week that that love still blooms. 

  My son found a small dog in the middle of a busy four-lane street that runs through town limping and barely avoiding traffic.  He scooped him up, called animal control, and took him to his vet.  The leg was out of joint and it had no tags, so it needed medical attention and at least a rabies shot.  After the visit to the vet, Animal Control called to say the owner was looking for the dog and gave my son a name and address.  An elderly couple was searching for their equally elderly dog, half blind, half deaf and lost.  My son had just the dog and took him to the couple.  They were elated to be reunited with their long-time companion.  With two dogs at home and several cats, my son really didn’t need another, but he was willing to take the dog in if the owner could not be found.    It was a good ending to a story.

Several years ago, my daughter decided she wanted a therapy dog for her mental health practice.  She picked the most adorable pup in a mixed-breed litter that someone was fostering, and he grew up as she took him to puppy training classes. And he grew, and he grew.  That wonderful dog became a part of a family with two small elderly dogs but never did become a therapy dog.  He never out-grew the puppy side.  He is the size of a Great Dane now and is a loveable pet but would scare many clients with his deep bark and size.  So, he is a pet.  After the small dogs died, she brought home another from an adoption event so the first would not be alone.  The second is a digger, but mild-mannered.  Another addition to a house with two cats, two dogs, and a possible lizard in my grandson’s room (I haven’t seen him in a while, I guess he’s still there).  The house is never without animals. 

I’m sure it is the fault of the children’s parents that they grew up to have such love for animals, but they provide good homes for them.  They are pampered and loved.  It is a good thing they both have big houses.

A positive to go with my negatives. Now, back to my de-cluttering.


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2018 Clearing Your Life: Kim Turner, Author

    I know, I’m supposed to be clearing my life this year, but had to get in another another great interview.  Kim Turner writes Western Historical and Contemporary  Romance for The Wild Rose Press and she agreed to be my guest today on the blog. Please welcome Kim.

What’s New? So I am Kim Turner and I write Western Historical and now Contemporary romance. My first Story Sawyer’s Rose came out in March of 2016 and was a Golden Heart and Maggie Finalist. The series is called The McCades of Cheyenne and book two is Wyatt’s Bounty which came was released in April of this year. I have been working on Dawson’s Haven the third book in the series and I am hoping everyone loves this McCade brother just as much. Dawson is an Indian Agent who finds himself accused of a crime he didn’t commit and falling for the only woman who can save him. I like to say I write family saga, Love, & Suspense as the McCade brothers fight to settle an untamed West and also at times an untamed woman! Just so you guys know, I am working on a contemporary story. Here is the gist: Horse stuntman falls for the nurse consultant on the set of a television series. This one has a lot of suspense with her running from her past and him running to her!! Sexier than my usual, but I already love these characters. This will be a 3 brother series and the Decker brothers are hot! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Look for both these stories some time in 2018!!!

    Sawyer’s Rose Blurb: As if he doesn’t have enough to handle between running outlaws out of Cheyenne, keeping his brother’s out of trouble and avenging his father’s death, sheriff Sawyer McCade’s meddling mother just dumped a mysterious mail-order-bride on his doorstep. One woman can be more trouble than a band of renegades and while this one has him all stirred up, he’d rather get to the bottom of the story she isn’t telling. Rose Parker had it all. Until she discovers a web of danger and deceit that sends her running to Cheyenne, posing as a mail-order-bride. Escaping the evils of New York seems sensible until she meets the unsuspecting sheriff who didn’t ask for her, has no intention of marrying her and won’t rest until he uncovers her secret and sends her back home. Tagline: Will a sheriff set on avenging his father rescue the mail order bride with secrets of her own?

Sawyer’s Rose Excerpt: “I’m a lawman, remember, and I read people very well. I know when I’m only hearing part of a story.” Her blue eyes narrowed, and that too-enticing flush lit her cheeks to a bright pink. She darted past him to look out across the ranch and then spoke. “I came here looking for a new life. Accepting a husband is a means to survival for any woman in the West. But getting here and finding out you didn’t send for me—” She swung around. “Well that’s certainly a relief. I thought I was going to step off the train in Cheyenne, be whisked to the judge and right into your bed. Frankly, that idea was rather frightening.” Was she trying to be funny? It wasn’t that the thought hadn’t crossed his mind. Bedding her would be more than interesting, but he didn’t need a wife. Not right now. “Then why are you here?” “I wanted to see the West and find adventure like I told you. So why not start here? Did you read the papers I sent?” She shook her head realizing he hadn’t. “I suppose your mother got those.” He supposed so, too. “I filled in my application.” She took a deep breath, “And I realized I had led an incredibly normal life. An only child, raised by my father, schooled in the proper etiquette, sent to university, and spoiled to the point I hadn’t lived for myself. I am here to create a new life— my life. If you do not wish to marry, I will find my own way, which is probably best anyway.” She stared out across the horizon, blinking back tears. “You can’t stay here alone, not in Cheyenne. I’ll get your fare paid and send you home.” She snapped around and glared at him. “I will not be returning home, regardless of a marriage. You have no idea what I am capable of, and I think that makes me somewhat of a—thorn in your side?” Sawyer wasn’t sure which was more annoying, her presence and will to stay or the thoughts she made him think. She wasn’t a thorn, but damned if he’d be able to sleep with her in the same house for any length of time. When he only nodded, a knowing smile spread across her face. “Good.” As furious as he was, he couldn’t take his eyes off the sway of her hips as she spun around and went inside. She couldn’t possibly think she would be staying in Cheyenne as an unescorted woman. Well, he had no intention of marrying her either, and one way or the other he’d see her on a train back to New York if it was the last thing he did.

    Wyatt’s Bounty Blurb: Bounty hunter Wyatt McCade is recklessly taking down one outlaw at a time. Hard work is one way to forget Tess Sullivan’s womanly curves. But when he learns that she never left Cheyenne, he rides home and right into a trap. Left for dead, he recovers in the capable hands of the lady doctor and even if she can’t forgive herself, loving her is the easy part. But when McCade lands are threatened and he uncovers the truth, it is Tess who is caught in the balance. Finding himself on the bounty hunt of his life, he’ll risk it all to rescue the woman he loves. Doctor Tess Sullivan shattered her own heart by turning down Wyatt McCade’s proposal. Worse than the hurt in his eyes was watching him ride out of Cheyenne, knowing she’d made the biggest mistake of her life. Pining for his return, she blames herself when he is brought to Cheyenne beaten and near death. Forgiveness comes quickly in the arms of the bounty hunter she has always loved, but she soon finds herself the pawn in a deadly game of revenge, praying Wyatt will find her before it’s too late. Tagline: Will a bounty hunter set on revenge risk it all to rescue the woman who walked away? Wyatt’s Bounty Excerpt: “Wyatt?” “Huh?” “I loved you…long before Israel died.” The confession rocked her thoughts. She had loved Israel, but she had longed for Wyatt years before Israel had died. It had been wrong and there were times it made her feel like she hadn’t done right by her deceased husband. She weaved her fingers into Wyatt’s, touching with tenderness where the fracture had been. “I did, right or wrong. I mean…I loved Israel, we had so much in common with his study of science and plants and my study of medicine, but I was guilty of dreaming for you long before…he died.” His smile was tender as he lifted her chin. “I’ve known that for a long time, Doc. And I can’t count how many nights I lay awake, wishing I were holding you.” She held tighter to him. “And when you left Cheyenne, it was all my fault. I knew I had made a mistake. I wasn’t even myself without you. It was as if I kept falling and falling, never hitting the ground to land anywhere.” With that he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll always be here to catch you, Doc, always.”

Wyatt’s Bounty Excerpt: “Wyatt?” “Huh?” “I loved you…long before Israel died.” The confession rocked her thoughts. She had loved Israel, but she had longed for Wyatt years before Israel had died. It had been wrong and there were times it made her feel like she hadn’t done right by her deceased husband. She weaved her fingers into Wyatt’s, touching with tenderness where the fracture had been. “I did, right or wrong. I mean…I loved Israel, we had so much in common with his study of science and plants and my study of medicine, but I was guilty of dreaming for you long before…he died.” His smile was tender as he lifted her chin. “I’ve known that for a long time, Doc. And I can’t count how many nights I lay awake, wishing I were holding you.” She held tighter to him. “And when you left Cheyenne, it was all my fault. I knew I had made a mistake. I wasn’t even myself without you. It was as if I kept falling and falling, never hitting the ground to land anywhere.” With that he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll always be here to catch you, Doc, always.”

Kim Turner writes western historical romance, and discovered her passion of writing at the age of eight by writing poems, short stories and journals. Kim graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Central Michigan University. Working as a registered nurse educator for over twenty-seven years, she enjoys studying the medical treatments of the old west as well as keeping up with the latest western movies and television series. While she loves reading anything from highlanders to pirates, she claims to have an unquenchable thirst for the American Cowboy when choosing her reads. Kim lives south of Atlanta with her husband and calls her greatest accomplishment the birth of one daughter and the adoption of another from China-neither of which came easy. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers. Kim’s Motto: It’s All About A Cowboy and the Woman He Loves.

Don’t forget also to stay tuned to my website: Kimturnerwrites.com and my blog kimturnerwrites.blogspot.com My books can be found as ebooks at most book sellers and in print on Amazon and with The Wild Rose Press! https://www.amazon.com/Sawyers-Rose-McCades-Cheyenne-Book-ebook/dp/B01BIEONBS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502494959&sr=8-1&keywords=Sawyer%27s+Rose https://www.amazon.com/Wyatts-Bounty-McCades-Cheyenne-Book-ebook/dp/B06X8ZB48L/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1502494993&sr=1-1&keywords=Wyatt%27s+Bounty

Thanks for stopping by, Kim and come back and visit anytime.

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2018 Clearing my Life: Kim Turner Writes

Kim Turner writes western romance for The Wild Rose Press.  She was kind enough to allow me to guest blog on her website.  Check out the blog! and check out Kim’s books on The Wild Rose Press.


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2018 Clearing my Life: Sold Out!

    Last night was a blast!  I cleared my life of a lot of books, but most importantly I saw some of my best friends.  I had a release party for Stones of Sandhill Island and I sold out!  To those that didn’t get one, I am ordering more – or they are available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Yes, contact me and I’ll sign them.

We had so much fun getting together and eating appetizers and talking.  Some knew each other, and some didn’t, but they quickly got acquainted.  Part of my family was with me upstairs at Callahan’s Pub and Grill as well as former co-workers, writing club and assorted friends. And after the party, a few of us remained to eat dinner together.

I plan to have more book signings for the new title – at the new bookstore in town, the library and maybe some other places.  But I guess it had to do with the bar atmosphere.  Everyone had a good time.  What was to be a two-hour party turned into three and I’m sure the restaurant was glad to get the tables back.  But several of us did order dinner afterwards.

The Wild Rose Press has lots of copies of the new book and so do Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you like, the electronic version is available with just a click of the mouse. The suspense novel Stones of Sandhill Island is the second in the Sandhill Island series set on a tourist island off the coast of Corpus Christi. It has a little romance and lots of surprises.  The main characters are new, but it still has some of the original occupants of the island.  I plan a third book.

Here is a small sample:

Why did she wait so long to open the box and why the big secret? She and her mother had a beautiful life together so what did it matter? But she wanted to know.

She fingered the matches as her heart once again ached. It felt like a new cut on top of an old wound that still had not fully healed. And the infection bubbled to the surface.

Billie lifted the ballet program from the hat box and carefully opened the brittle paper. She slid a finger down the list of principal dancers stopping on a faded picture of the woman that now inhabited the urn sitting in the living room. And the knife in her chest twisted.

The room swam, and she grabbed the bedspread like a drowning victim, twisting it in her fingers as she sat. The box and its contents slid off the bed and dumped unceremoniously on the floor. Billie could once again see the bonfire in her mind’s eye as she looked at the pile of mementos. She picked up the match book and carefully pulled a match from the cardboard and struck it on the outside – without closing the cover. It bloomed into a red, then yellow flame and quickly burned her finger, but not before catching the others in the book. She stared for a moment before realizing she had dropped the flaming matches into the pile on the floor. The tiny bonfire blazed.


Stones of Sandhill Island is available for purchase at https://tinyurl.com/y9qp6qzp 

If you enjoy the book, leave me a review. Thanks to everyone who came to the release party.

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2018 Clearing my Life: Dusty Richards

    My blogs this year are about clearing your life – the good kind.  A wonderful author was cleared from our life this week – and no one was ready.

I met Dusty Richards 8 or 10 years ago.  I can’t remember what year I first attended an OWFI conference, but I know Dusty was there.  He’d sit in the main area of the conference and call out to anyone walking by. 

“Hey Peggy, have you read the latest?”  He didn’t have any idea who I was, but he read my name tag from across the room and started a conversation with me.  He never met a stranger.

I was so nervous just to be there and knew no one except for a few people from the writing club I had just joined.  But Dusty was friendly.

Not knowing what to say to this “larger than life cowboy,” I mentioned Johnny Quarles – the only western writer I’d ever known.  He’d worked in radio with my husband back in the ‘70s and ‘80s.  “Oh, he was a wonderful writer – one of the best!” he said.  Then he wanted to know how I knew Johnny.  Dusty was personable like that and found a way to make everyone feel at ease.  His wife, Pat, would sit quietly at his side and crochet or read while he talked. And of course, I bought the book and had him sign it to my husband.

The next morning, he asked us to have breakfast with them.  Somewhere I have a picture of that breakfast.

Dusty was interested in my books about the Heavener Runestone.  He was as mesmerized by the area as I was, and we talked about runestones found all over Oklahoma and Arkansas. He sat at a book signing in Arkansas and talked to me about my book instead of tending his table and selling his own work.  He made me feel very welcome.  He was just that type of person.

Like everyone who knew Dusty and Pat I was devastated hearing about the wreck that eventually took both their lives.  I read he had published over 150 books. One of his latest was made into a movie. “The Painted Lady” has won several awards. I think that is one the greatest complements a writer can receive – to have one of their books made into a movie.  I’m so glad he received the opportunity to see it come to fruition before his death.

Happy trails, Dusty and Pat.  You will be missed.

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2018 Clearing My Life: Two New Reads!

      I’m clearing my life of unwanted clutter and offering up new and inventive ideas this year.

I’ve put out two new books in the last six months. Sometimes months of hard work on individual projects end up coming to fruition at approximately the same time and that is how it worked for me.

In the fall I released a fantasy YA book, Return to Glome’s Valley, which takes place in the valleys of southeast Oklahoma near the Heavener Runestone.  It is the sequel to Glome’s Valley and takes place 14 years later when Ethan has become a man.  He returns to the place he played as a child and finds escapades and secrets that only an adult could handle. Some mysteries should remain simply that. There are new adventures for some of the old characters and you might meet a dragon. It is available on Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/ybdsqr6w  and Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/750678 in paperback or electronic download.

    Stones of Sandhill Island is part of the suspense series that takes place on a tourist island off the coast of Corpus Christi. Billie Stone – a legend in the Corpus Christi jazz scene – has come home to heal emotionally after her family is killed in a car accident.  She struggles with PTSD and survivor guilt.  She meditates and practices yoga to help with the symptoms and then her anchor – her mother, a former principal ballerina with the Corpus Christi Ballet – becomes ill with Parkinsons. Then Billie finds her mother held secrets.

Others also suffer from that effects of that fateful night.  Joe Franks was a little drunk and never meant to hurt anyone when he hit the mini van that killed two people, but he spent a year in jail for manslaughter and lost his home, car, job, and self-respect.  Now he delivers pizza for a living and blames Billie for his troubles.

On January 24, 2018 I will release the second in the Sandhill Island series.  It can be pre-ordered on The Wild Rose Press site at  https://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=peggy+chambers&submit_search= or Amazon where the Kindle version is currently available for preorder https://www.amazon.com/Stones-Sandhill-Island-Book-ebook/dp/B078JYFSHN/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1515334460&sr=8-2&keywords=peggy+chambers. If you loved the first, I hope you continue the story with the second.  I plan a third as well and it is still a nugget in my mind.

A new year just begs for new reads.  Check out Return to Glome’s Valley and Stones of Sandhill Island and leave a review.  Authors love reviews!

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